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    Garage Epoxy Flooring Anaheim, CA

    Our Premier Coating company provides a wide range of Polyurea / Epoxy Flooring, Concrete Sealing and Floor Coating services to revitalize your warehouse, garage floor, basement, patio, commercial building, retail store, dog training center or any other concrete surface. 

    Garage Epoxy Flooring is one of our main focuses and we have worked with many homeowners in the area to install top quality epoxy flooring. Unlike the other guys, we only use top grade industrial quality epoxy that is guaranteed to be durable, easy to clean, incredibly strong to withstand high traffic and best of all it looks fantastic!

    We are a licensed, locally owned and operated company. We promise to provide you with the excellent quality service your business or home deserves. 

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    Epoxy Floor Benefits

    Unlike our competitors, our coating company uses industrial-grade materials, which offer superior quality. There are many polyurethane and epoxy flooring benefits, especially affordability. Concrete coating applications continue to grow in popularity and look remarkable. Commercial, industrial, and residential properties choose epoxy resin flooring for multiple reasons. We also provide concrete sealing and resurfacing services.

    Here are the top epoxy flooring benefits:

    Affordability and Premium Quality

    Epoxy flooring installation is extremely affordable, and the cost is a wise investment. We use high-grade industrial resin and offer competitive prices. Select a clear, colored, or textured concrete coating for us to apply. Our specialists paint glossy and matte finishes to achieve your desired design. Epoxy flooring costs less than other materials like tile and hardwood.

    Outstanding Durability and Strength

    We use industrial-grade epoxy resin and polyurethane for concrete floor finishing. Unlike local competitors, we use premium materials instead of lower-quality brands. Our concrete coatings have outstanding durability and strength. Epoxy resin flooring stands up to many chemical solvents and high traffic. If properly maintained and depending on usage, this option can last up to ten years. The versatility of epoxy floors suits all residential, commercial, and industrial properties. 

    Enhances Interior Appearances

    Our local company offers concrete resurfacing and finishing services across Southern California. Epoxy floor coatings add visual appeal to properties’ interiors. Create a new design and more space with our residential and commercial services. Rooms and interior areas will have a seamless and clean look. Our local company also applies concrete coatings in industrial facilities. Epoxy resin flooring comes in multiple designs, and you can customize it. Popular finishes include marble prints, swirls, quartz, flakes, or any color you want. We also apply matte, glossy, neutral, bright, and metallic epoxy floors.

    Little Maintenance Needed

    Glossy concrete coatings require minimal maintenance with an easy-to-clean surface. Routine waxing and scrubbing aren’t needed to upkeep the shine. Sweep epoxy floors regularly with a soft-bristle broom to remove dust and debris. Keeping the surface free of dirt prevents scratching and extends longevity. You always want to use gentle brushes on epoxy resin floors so no luster is lost. You can also spot mop or use a shop vac on the concrete to pick up debris. 

    Perfect for High Traffic Areas

    High-traffic commercial or industrial epoxy flooring holds up inside active businesses. The concrete coatings are stain-resistant and easy to maintain. Clean tire marks on epoxy garage flooring with the proper degreaser and shop towels. Tackle rust stains with gentle scrubbing or use a soft deck brush. The concrete coating holds up to heavy equipment and usage in commercial settings. Epoxy floors will last longer if abrasive tools and harsh cleaners aren’t used.

    Waterproof and Spill-Resistant

    Another benefit of concrete coatings includes spill and liquid resistance. Epoxy flooring also has waterproofing properties. The industrial-grade coatings also resist various chemicals and solvents. Concrete floor finishing suits outdoor areas, including driveways, patios, and poolsides. Polyurethane coatings will improve UV resistance to withstand the California sun.

    Hygienic and Resists Bacteria

    Epoxy is commonly chosen for commercial floor coatings in medical settings. We apply industrial-grade finishes that are safe and non-toxic. Hospitals, labs, and doctors' offices prefer epoxy because it is highly hygienic. The flooring resists bacteria and mold, which suits medical facilities. Dust particles are less likely to gather, and rooms are easy to maintain and clean.

    Outdoor Application Purposes

    Our specialists install and repair polyurethane and epoxy driveways in Southern California. We also service outdoor patios, decks, walkways, and pool areas. Concrete finishing is heat and water-resistant, perfect for SoCal weather. We use industrial-grade polyurethane and epoxy that offer UV protection. We guarantee concrete sealing that holds up to the California sun.

    Covers Up Flaws and Repairs Damage

    Concrete resurfacing repairs damage on epoxy coatings in homes and businesses. Over time, the concrete floor finishing wears down. Our Cerritos company restores and renews surfaces in Southern California. We repair indoor and outdoor areas of properties in LA, Riverside, and Orange County. New polyurethane or epoxy coating gets applied over the existing resin flooring. Fresh finishing will cover up flaws and repair the concrete base. 

    Increases CA Property Value

    Polyurethane and epoxy coatings increase property value in Southern California. Durable resin flooring enhances interior designs and will attract future buyers. The benefits of polyurethane and epoxy surfaces draw in prospective owners. When floors need concrete resurfacing, services are extremely cost-effective. 


    Energy conservation is another benefit of epoxy resin flooring, saving on cooling costs. The seamless, smooth finish doesn’t have grooves that collect debris. Less dust particles on the epoxy floors will not overwork HVAC systems. Concrete coatings with reflective surfaces brighten up indoor spaces. High gloss epoxy floors cut down on lighting costs and lower electric bills. Concrete finishing is also an eco-friendly option for homes and businesses.

    Safe and Eco-Friendly

    The concrete coatings we use are odorless and safe, providing an eco-friendly option. Quartz epoxy flooring is water and slip-resistant. The textured surface reduces the risks of falls. Commercial properties can keep employees safe and reduce the likelihood of workplace injuries. Our expert floor coating services guarantee the results you need and want.

    Reap the benefits of epoxy flooring by getting a free estimate from our local company. Please call us at 657-258-2224 or fill out the form on this page. We serve Los Angeles, Riverside, and Orange County in Southern California. We look forward to hearing from you.

    Commercial and Industrial Floor Coating Applications

    Commercial Epoxy Flooring

    Your California commercial business must have an attractive and durable flooring solution, especially when it comes to high traffic areas, as well as easy to sanitize and clean capabilities. Epoxy flooring makes concrete exceptionally durable, protecting the underlying concrete from moisture, stains, grease and cracks. Our flooring solutions are perfect for offices, restaurants, bars, retail stores, schools, hospitals, facilities, and many more commercial businesses.

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    Industrial Epoxy Flooring

    concrete epoxy Anaheim CA

    Our Industrial Flooring customers benefit greatly from our epoxy flooring and concrete services. Our Solid Color Epoxy and Quartz Epoxy Flooring systems are very popular with industrial facilities due to their high-strength, durability, abrasion and chemical resistance qualities. Concrete sealers and concrete grinding are also very popular industrial services. Inquire today about our unbeatable pricing and top notch coating services!

    Garage Floor Coating Installation

    Our team has helped transform many boring concrete slabs into spectacular looking garage floors in many California residential homes. Garage polyurea / epoxy flooring is our most popular service, followed closely by basement epoxy flooring. Indoor concrete surfaces benefit greatly from our concrete sealers. Our pricing is competitive and our results are exceptional!

    Types of Coatings We Provide

    There are many options when it comes to choosing finishes for your epoxy floors, we can provide samples for you when we come out to give you an estimate. Below are some popular options:

    • Solid Color Epoxy Floor Coating
    • Metallic Epoxy Floor Coating
    • Flake Epoxy Floor Coating
    • Quartz Epoxy Floor Coating
    • Concrete Sealers
    • Custom Colors
    • Swirled / Marbled finish
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    Why Choose Us

    Customers in California's Inland Empire choose us when looking for “epoxy flooring near me.” In business since 1987, we use the highest-grade epoxy resin. Unlike competitors, our coatings come from an industrial supplier, not a hardware store. We guarantee friendly contractors, superior quality, and the best results. Located in Cerritos, we have been in business for over 35 years. We install and resurface epoxy flooring in residential, industrial, and commercial properties. Whatever design you want, inside or outdoors, our experts can create it. 

    We apply concrete sealing and coating to driveways, patios, poolsides, and other areas. The epoxy applications we use have incredible durability against SoCal weather. Our licensed and insured contractors give you a waterproof and moisture-resistant solution. We also specialize in residential and commercial garage floor epoxy coatings. Regular businesses include auto dealerships and mechanic shops. Depending on traffic volume, we can add a polyurethane topcoat. We offer textured, matte, and glossy finishes in all colors, including clear.

    Our company also repairs concrete. Epoxy flooring increases property value by offering easy maintenance and longevity. We can change the color or pattern at any time to match your interior design. Epoxy resin flooring protects the existing surface and transforms a space. Regardless of your concrete finishing project, we have competitive pricing and ensure satisfaction.

    Free quotes with no obligation give you another reason to choose us. Call our local coating company at 657-258-2224 or fill out the form on this page. We look forward to working on your epoxy flooring project. 

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    If you would like to inquire if we service your area please call us today! If you are local to the area and searching online for "epoxy flooring near me", or "garage floor coating near me", as well as "epoxy garage floor near me", we invite you to give us a call first!

    We service the entire Inland Empire, with our Riverside County areas including Palm Springs, Moreno Valley, Idyllwild, Hemet, Menifee, Palm Desert, Norco, Murrieta, Canyon Crest, Corona, Perris, Temecula, Rancho Mirage, La Quinta, Indio, Indian Wells, Vista Santa Rosa, Eastvale and more.