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We offer the best local service for epoxy flooring installation in Los Angeles County, Orange County, and Riverside County. With over 35 years of experience, customers rely on us for flawless results. We apply interior and exterior concrete coatings. For repairs or to change an appearance, our contractors perform resurfacing. Our experts install epoxy resin flooring in Southern California. We specialize in decorative, contemporary designs, traditional colors, and transparent finishes. Epoxy flooring costs less than hardwood and tile installation and has long-lasting results. For all projects, we use industrial-strength concrete coatings. Our contractors can also apply a polyurethane topcoat for extra protection. Choose the style you want, and we’ll bring the look to life in your SoCal property.

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    Our coating company in Cerritos, CA, has been locally owned and operated since 1987. We continue to serve residential and commercial customers in Southern California proudly. You can depend on us for the best epoxy resin flooring services. Our licensed and insured contractors also apply polyurethane topcoats. We guarantee total satisfaction and flawless results. Typical epoxy concrete projects include basements, warehouses, and garage floor coating. Our locally owned and operated company provides interior and exterior services. With over 35 years in business, we’ll help you determine the best flooring system for your property. We specialize in concrete epoxy coatings that are of industrial-grade quality. Our specialists will deliver the exact look you want in the desired finish and color. 

    Get a free estimate from our locally owned and operated company, operating since 1987. Call our epoxy and resin flooring specialists at 657-258-2224 or fill out the online form. We proudly serve Los Angeles, Orange, and Riverside County in California, including Anaheim, Cerritos, Fullerton, Orange, Santa Ana, Stanton, Huntington Beach, Long Beach, Irvine, Newport Beach, Riverside, Corona, Rancho Cucamonga, Chino, Sand Bernardino, Loma Linda, Fontana, Pomona, Yorba Linda, Pasadena, El Monte, City of Industry, Covina, and more.

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    Flooring Coating Contractors

    Licensed and Insured

    Part of guaranteeing a job well done is having licensed and insured contractors. Our specialists apply residential and commercial floor coatings in Southern California. Unlike local competitors, we use high-strength epoxy that delivers maximum durability. We purchase our concrete sealings from a supplier, not a home improvement store. Our company offers unbeatable prices compared to our competition. You’ll get long-last results on coating services in LA, Riverside, and Orange County. Our licensed and insured contractors install and recoat epoxy resin flooring. We also offer concrete resurfacing services for repairs or restoration. In addition to specializing in epoxy coatings, we also apply high-grade polyurethane.

    Request a free quote from our licensed and insured contractors in Southern California. We provide polyurethane and epoxy flooring installation services. Please call our company at 657-258-2224 or submit the form on this page. Our licensed and insured contractors look forward to completing your project. 

    Best Local Floor Coatings Company in Anaheim, CA

    Since 1987, we have continued serving Southern California and prioritizing customer satisfaction. Our experience and skills make us the best local floor coatings company. Located in Cerritos, we service Los Angeles, Riverside, and Orange County. We specialize in epoxy resin flooring, concrete resurfacing, and applying polyurethane topcoats. Our local company applies concrete coatings in residential, commercial, and industrial properties. Typical projects include basements, warehouses, and garage epoxy flooring. We use high-grade concrete sealing that has exceptional durability and quality. More SoCal homeowners are choosing epoxy resin flooring to enhance interior design. Our licensed and insured contractors also service outdoor areas. Our local floor coatings company installs and repairs epoxy driveways, patios, and poolsides. The industrial-strength concrete sealing resists chemicals, water, heat, and moisture.

    Choose a clear or pigmented finish in the design you want for your SoCal property. For slip resistance, we install quartz epoxy flooring. Enhance the visuals of a room with a multicolored swirl or marbled pattern. Epoxy flooring costs less than stone tile but looks high-end. Choose a solid or custom color and matte or high gloss finish. More ornate styles include coatings with flakes and metallic epoxy floors. Whatever design you want, our local company guarantees the best results and prices. We prioritize our customers and offer no-obligation, free quotes 

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    We always offer free estimates to help you determine epoxy flooring costs. At any time, you can request a complimentary no-obligation quote. We serve commercial, industrial, and residential customers in Southern California. Since 1987, we have been installing and resurfacing concrete coatings. Located in Cerritos, we cover Los Angeles County, Riverside County, and Orange County. We specialize in garage epoxy, basements, and commercial flooring systems. Our contractors use industrial-grade coatings and offer competitive prices.

    Choose concrete floor finishing that matches your home or business. We apply solid, custom, multicolored, and transparent coatings. Epoxy flooring systems will raise your SoCal property value. We also work with concrete sealing to protect outdoor areas from the sun and heat. Get long-lasting results and durable surfaces that resist moisture and water. Industrial-grade epoxy serves as a barrier from the California weather. Concrete sealing provides optimal protection to pool areas, driveways, and patios. Our contractors also repair and resurface existing bases to fix any damage.

    Please contact us to get your free estimate on epoxy flooring applications. Call our local company at 657-258-2224 or fill out the form on this page. We look forward to working on your residential or commercial project. 

    Epoxy Flooring Contractor

    Serving all of SoCal

    Trust our local company if you need an epoxy flooring contractor based out of Cerritos. We serve all of SoCal, including Los Angeles County, Orange County, and Riverside County, including Glendale, Beverly Hills, Inglewood, Burbank, West Hollywood, Pasadena, Malibu, Long Beach, Rolling Hills, Monterey Park, San Marino, Santa Clarita, Lancaster, Palmdale, Torrance, Pomona, Laguna Niguel, Irvine, Santa Ana, Garden Grove, Anaheim, Lake Forest, Yorba Linda, Chino Hills, Buena Park, Mission Viejo, Palm Springs, Moreno Valley, Idyllwild, Hemet, Menifee, Palm Desert, Norco, Murrieta, Canyon Crest, Corona, Perris. For a decorative or purposeful design, hire us for concrete finishing or resurfacing. Our epoxy flooring contractors are fully licensed and insured. In operation since 1987, we have the best team for residential or commercial services. Compared to our competitors, we use industrial-grade epoxy resin coatings. Our contractors serve all of Southern California and offer unbeatable prices. You choose the color and texture for your concrete floor finishing. 

    We also specialize in garage epoxy coatings for commercial and residential customers. Our flooring contractors apply concrete sealing in warehouses and basements. To repair damaged or restore worn-out systems, hire our company. Concrete resurfacing removes resin, polyurethane, or epoxy coatings. Our flooring contractors have the skillset to paint standard or decorative patterns. We provide commercial services that deliver workplace safety and entice customers. Residential epoxy resin flooring opens up a room and enhances the interior design. We also protect outdoor concrete surfaces from water, heat, and moisture. Our epoxy flooring contractors can work with you to decide the best finishing. We have years of experience and guarantee the best results. 

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    Epoxy Flooring Applications

    Epoxy Flooring is versatile and can be installed in a number of Commercial spaces. Below are a few examples of places we have installed Epoxy Flooring.

    • Aircraft Hangers
    • Auto Dealerships
    • Banquet Halls
    • Bars, Pubs & Taverns
    • Basements
    • Hospitals
    • Public Restrooms
    • Bowling Alleys
    • Cafeterias
    • Churches
    • Clean Rooms
    • Commercial Kitchens
    • Dog Kennels
    • Garage Floors
    • Greenhouses
    • Grocery Stores
    • Institutions
    • Correctional Facilities
    • Medical Offices
    • Morgues
    • Industrial Hallways
    • Laboratories
    • Laundromats
    • Locker Rooms
    • Loading Docks
    • Mechanical Rooms
    • Manufacturing Plant Floors
    • Lunch Rooms
    • Night Clubs
    • Offices
    • Pet Stores
    • Veterinary Clinics
    • Pharmaceutical Plants
    • Public Municipalities
    • Restaurants
    • Retail Stores
    • Department Stores
    • Schools
    • Show Rooms
    • Stadium Hallways
    • Zoos
    • And More…

    Residential Epoxy Flooring Installation

    We provide residential epoxy flooring installation services to LA County, Orange County, San Bernardino County, and Riverside County. Create a distinct look for rooms in your home or take a practical approach with a neutral tone. Our local company will apply the concrete floor finishing you choose in the design you want. Residential epoxy flooring installation gives you countless decorative patterns and colors. Choose from a glossy finish to add shine in rooms or a matte concrete coating to serve a purpose. Marble in black or white and swirled epoxy floors are popular in SoCal homes. Select the hues that complement your interior design. Epoxy flooring costs lower than purchasing tile and hardwood. You get to accentuate spaces in your home in the style and pattern you want. Other décor options include quartz, flakes, and bright, metallic epoxy floors. The concrete coatings also give houses an energy-efficiency solution. Reflective resin flooring adds brightness and lowers lighting costs. Find ideas online for a unique finish and color scheme for us to install.

    Epoxy floor installation offers water resistance, durability, and long-lasting results. Concrete coatings protect the surface in bathrooms, kitchens, and basements. Epoxy resin flooring installation works well in high-traffic areas like hallways. Home offices benefit from our concrete coating services with a smooth surface. Desk chairs will easily slide without causing damage to the ergonomic workspace. Seamless epoxy resin flooring holds up to scratches and opens up a space. Polyurethane topcoats can withstand the bright SoCal daylight if you have a sunroom. Residential epoxy flooring installation services include garages and outdoor areas. The concrete coatings can hold the weight of cars. Garage floor finishing delivers a smooth surface that resists rust, peeling, and cracking. We also install epoxy driveways, patios, and pool areas. Our Southern California company uses only industrial-grade materials that will last for years. For damage or to change an appearance, we offer concrete resurfacing services. New sealing preserves and smooths areas of your outdoor property. 

    Get a free quote if you’re looking for “residential epoxy flooring near me” in Southern California. We serve Los Angeles, Orange, and Riverside County. Our company uses industrial-grade epoxy, unlike our competition. Residential installation services include interiors and exteriors of houses. Call 657-258-2224 for a free quote or fill out the online request form.

    Commercial Epoxy Flooring Installation

    Commercial epoxy flooring installation causes little disruption in daily operations. We apply durable concrete coatings to best suit your SoCal business. Our specialists prepare the surface, then add protective industrial-grade epoxy. Choose matte, transparent, or glossy floor finishing that delivers resilience and longevity. You can select the color, design, and texture to meet your business needs. Quartz commercial floor coatings provide slip resistance, making areas safer. Epoxy resin requires little maintenance and has a seamless surface. The concrete is easy to clean and opens up a space. Commercial epoxy flooring costs less than tile installation in retail stores and offices. Protective concrete coatings have strength for heavy traffic but may need repairs. We provide resurfacing services to Southern California to restore a damaged surface. After restoration, we apply new epoxy resin flooring to the base in your selected style. Topcoats of polyurethane offer added protection by resisting UV rays and abrasions. We use industrial-grade materials for concrete sealing. Epoxy flooring is the best choice for commercial garages in auto shops. The coatings have weight-bearing capabilities to handle vehicles and high traffic.

    Safety is a top priority in all businesses, and we install various types of epoxy resin flooring. Our specialists optimize work environments in Southern California. Concrete floor coatings have many benefits and save on company expenses. The long-lasting results don’t require regular service, including stripping and waxing. Protect customers and employees with quartz epoxy flooring, which gives a textured surface. These slip-resistant concrete coatings have pressed minerals and generally a light silver tone. We also apply multicolored quartz and mica flaked epoxy for a unique appearance. Our specialists can add identifying markers on commercial floor coatings. Create a safer workplace and designate certain areas. We’ll work with you to make your environment adhere to state and OSHA guidelines. Our specialists also install epoxy resin flooring with bright markings. Garages often have lines drawn to direct traffic to guide vehicles. Concrete epoxy gives businesses an easy-to-clean surface with little maintenance. The moisture and water-resistant sealing protect the original base. Our services in SoCal offer durability, affordability, and safety.

    Contact our local company for commercial epoxy flooring installation in Southern California. Get a free quote on concrete coatings in Riverside, Los Angeles, and Orange County. Call us at 657-258-2224 or fill out the online form. We hope to hear from you soon.

    Industrial Epoxy Flooring Installation

    We provide industrial epoxy flooring installation services to Southern California. Our specialists reapply new sealing over an existing surface. Concrete resurfacing projects include repairs or changing colors or textures. We use industrial-grade epoxy coatings with durability to match your setting. Our contractors work in warehouses, production facilities, and manufacturing plants. Industrial epoxy resin flooring delivers a long-lasting and low-maintenance solution. You can choose the finish and color for your property, including transparent paint. Our floor coating experts will complete the project to your expectations.

    Careful preparation is crucial for the most effective results before concrete resurfacing. Before the industrial epoxy flooring installation, we need to test the area or room. We remove old concrete paint layers and repair existing surfaces. Prior to the epoxy flooring installation, our specialists clean any dust or debris. Temperature and humidity control also are important factors when applying industrial concrete coatings. Our SoCal company will check the industrial environment during a free quote. Epoxy resin flooring cures at 77º-95º with less than 85% humidity for the best results. We’ll work with you on developing a plan and an optimal setting for the best results. 

    Concrete resurfacing involves laying a thin cement mixture to restore the surface. Upon drying, we finish the industrial epoxy flooring installation project. In warehouses or manufacturing plants, we can use resin paint to add colorful markers. Identifying areas helps improve production processes in facilities. Our licensed and insured contractors also install textured epoxy flooring. Quartz coatings are slip-resistant and add protection to the concrete surface. Our services can reduce work-related accidents and injuries in Southern California. We also install epoxy resin flooring in other areas of industrial properties. Other sites may include cafeterias, restrooms, loading docks, hallways, offices, or garages. We install industrial epoxy flooring that lasts years, is safe, and non-toxic. With nearly 35 years of experience, we offer competitive prices and exceptional service.

    Contact us for a free quote on industrial epoxy flooring installation in SoCal. We service Los Angeles, Orange, and Riverside County. Please call our local coating company at 657-258-2224 or fill out the form on this page. We look forward to serving your business!