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    Our epoxy flooring specialists have been serving SoCal since 1987. We service commercial, industrial, and residential properties. By hiring our local company, you get unbeatable prices and high-grade coatings. Compared to our competitors, we apply industrial-strength concrete finishing. We specialize in installing and repairing epoxy, the strongest form of resin flooring. Customers in SoCal rely on us for interior finishing and outdoor concrete sealing. Our coverage area includes Los Angeles County, Riverside County, and Orange County. Typical projects include basements, garages, and commercial concrete floor finishing. Epoxy coating resists scratches, chemicals, moisture, and water. If needed, our experts can add extra protection from the California sun. Our epoxy flooring specialists apply layers of polyurethane topcoats that provide more durability. The seamless surface is also stain-resistant, making it easy to clean. You get to choose the color of epoxy coating for your concrete floor finishing job. Select matte, high-gloss, or texture in clear or pigmented topcoats.

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    Residential epoxy resin flooring transforms the visuals of rooms with unique designs. We can paint multicolored swirls or create a black or white marble finish. Compared to natural stone tiles, epoxy flooring costs much less. Our specialists also apply quartz concrete coatings, which have tremendous durability. Other styles for home interiors include flakes, bright colors, or metallic epoxy floors. You can choose a decorative or traditional design to achieve your desired look. Our epoxy flooring specialists also repair damaged surfaces or restore older ones. Concrete resurfacing services let you change the color and update the appearance. If you feel overwhelmed, we offer free no-obligation quotes. We can work with you on selecting the best residential epoxy flooring system.

    We also provide concrete coating services to businesses in Southern California. Our specialists work in all types of properties, including warehouses. Commercial floor coatings will last for years and have durability for high-traffic settings. Quartz is a top choice for garage epoxy in auto shops and car dealerships. We also provide outdoor services to homes and businesses in Anaheim CA, and surrounding areas, including LA County, Riverside County, and Orange County. Our specialists install and recoat epoxy driveways, concrete patios, and pool areas. Sealing applications protect the exterior of your property from the California weather. We use industrial-grade coatings that resist water, heat, moisture, and mold.

    Our epoxy flooring specialists offer free quotes on all services. Contact our local coating company to get a free quote. Call us at 657-258-2224 or fill out the form on this page. We look forward to assisting you!